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Share your ideas and experience in life…..You will learn from anything you read and write.

Life teaches you something everyday….

If you pay attention to small things in your daily life, you will actually realize that you learn something new everyday. It happens when you are  in a coffee shop and overhear someone talking or when you get in a cab and the driver’s phone rings and he starts talking :)……Isn’t that great! People give you free education without realizing.

Meditaion!!!……You need to meditate at least for an hour everyday, it helps you wise up and THINK. I used to go to this mountain and stay for hours just thinking, it was so quiet and relaxing…….I can feel the breeze on my face now! It’s been a while since I went there and I should do that very soon…..

Reading is Knowledge and Knowledge is the key to life. I feel that I’m so ambitious when I read, it’s like I wanna try everything in this life, I wanna spend a week on an Island or Bungee jump or walk in Italy’s streets…..Wish I can do that now!!! 🙂

Don’t let the days pass you by without learning anything new….


Keep Urself Busy

Keep Yourself Busy is made  for anyone who wants to share or discuss topics that we can all learn from. Instead of wasting so much time in commenting on photos or watching videos just to finish your day, do something useful to help yourself and others.

Boredom is an ugly feeling that we all get, forget about it and learn how to keep yourself busy.

I created Keep Yourself Busy to know how people think from different perspectives and discuss important issues to learn more about life and to keep myself busy!